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Designing for All: The Next Frontier of Inclusive Design
While the built environment enables many to connect and gather, it disables others through lack of ramps, narrow doorways, extreme lighting and loud or distracting noises. Who is truly welcome at the office and what roles do culture, values and ‘invisible’ disabilities play in equitably designed spaces? Shifting ideas of what equity means in spaces combined with lagging design requirements have meant that designers are seeking different tools and processes to ensure that their spaces are welcoming to all.

Join our panel of experts to discuss key research results on current perceptions and barriers from designers in Europe and North America, upcoming trends in inclusive design and shifting understandings of the importance of an inclusive process. The session will cover the importance of lived experience with disabilities as a stakeholder in decision-making, real-world examples of integrated stakeholder processes and tools, and future-thinking of where inclusive design needs to go.

- Dr. Whitney Austin Gray, IWBI
- Dr. Angela Loder, IWBI

- Dr. Matteo Zallio, University of Cambridge
- Kleo King, United Spinal Association
- Dr. Angelita Scott, IWBI


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