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Automate Customer Acquisition from Discovery to Contract
Automating and improving the customer journey often causes organizations to get stuck once the initial lead acquisition and nurture phases are over. At that point, the sales process often gets passed to a salesperson, advisor or a partner who then has to assemble all of the required documents, proposals, collateral, and agreements into a coherent collection in order to move the sale forward.

This transition from early digital customer experience to highly manual, slow, and inconsistent activities can be challenging for the customer and can cost the company time and money. And it is not the best use of the salesperson’s time and focus.

Extending digital, automated improvements from the initial lead gathering phases through the complete customer journey — even when a signature is required on a contract or agreement — is possible and allows organizations to reduce costs and errors, improve the sales process, and make it easier for the customer to buy.

In this webinar, we will talk about the challenges organizations can face when trying to transform, improve, and automate their customer journey. Topics will include marketing automation for lead capture and nurture, automated generation of personalized collateral and proposals, the use of online tools to simplify the sales process, and the use of digital signatures on contracts and agreements.


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