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Reflections and Predictions - 2021 and Beyond
The year of 2021 will likely go down as the most significant and tumultuous in decades for the analytics industry. The Data Lake merged with the Data Warehouse to create a so-called Lakehouse. The cloud finally surpassed on-prem in key categories, most notably growth. But the rumors of on-prem's demise have surely been exaggerated.

Meanwhile, we see Low-Code / No-Code taking over in highly transformative ways. And then there's the maturation of data science, which in many ways rivals the data warehousing world in approach, technology and business value. Add it all up and we have a brave new world of possibilities and challenges for the data-driven.

Check out this year-end event to hear from several experts, including Bruno Aziza of Google Cloud, Eric Kavanagh of The Bloor Group, and Yves Mulkers of 7wData.


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