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Strateos & Ro5: Automating Drug Discovery For Faster Hit Identification and Better Leads
Reaping the Benefits of an AI-Driven Automated Drug Discovery Platform

Strateos’ roboticized cloud labs shorten its clients' hit identification, H2L and lead optimization cycle times by automating in vitro cell-based/biochemical assays and design and synthesis of small molecules. Ro5 offers AI-driven solutions for target identification, hit identification, H2L, lead optimization and clinical trial analytics. Strateos and Ro5 have built a closed loop, automated design-make-test-analyze (DMTA) system that takes advantage of Strateos’ Cloud Lab Automation-as-a-Service and Ro5’s Knowledge Graph and AI Chemistry platforms. It enables fast progression from target identification to lead optimization and allows scientists to evaluate targets, efficiently identify hit compounds, and rapidly design promising drug candidates.

This system has been used to identify a prospective oncology target and initiate a drug discovery program. We show that our automated AI-driven DMTA workflow can rapidly identify the majority of hits with only 10% library screened and a diverse set of scaffolds with only 1% of the library screened for subsequent lead optimization.

Key Takeaways from the Discussion:

- Learn how Strateos and Ro5 implemented a structure based virtual screening workflow on Strateos' Cloud Lab-Automation-as-a-Service platform to select compounds for screening, synthesis and characterization shortening the cycle time from months to weeks.

- Learn how AI/ML automated molecular design and custom modeling solutions create better candidate molecules faster than traditional drug discovery cycles.

Format: Live discussion

Ben Miles, Head of Product, Strateos
Roy Tal, Cofounder and Principal Scientist, RO5


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