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Ramifications of Eliminating the Tipping Model
Looking to move to a tip-less model in your restaurant? Join us on the hearing the best practice to implement a service charge or surcharge in your restaurant,

Jot Condie - President and CEO at the California Restaurant Association
Bruno Katz - Partner at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP
Tom Bell - Partner at Moore, Grider & Company
Walter Schild - Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Culinary Lab

We will discuss the following on Service Charge/Surcharges:

* Discussion of Difference Between Tips and Surcharges
* Best Practices to Implement a Surcharge
* Disclosure and Notice to Avoid Legal Claims
* Wage and Hour Issues with a Surcharge
* Tax issues and implications of going to a single ticket approach
* Managing tips credit if the business moves to an all-encompassing charge format


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