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How to Approach the Private Sector for New Partnerships & Sales - A Panel Discussion To Help Social Enterprises Grow
Join us to hear from Cemal Ezel (CEO, Change Please), Laura Neville (Global Responsible Sourcing Lead, Compass Group), and Kelvin Ward (Procurement with Purpose Lead, SAP). In this webinar, you'll learn how an inspiring and award-winning coffee social enterprise, Change Please, has built partnerships with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Our panel discussion will help you learn more about how:
* Companies manage their buying practices, and how social enterprises can integrate with them.

* Organizations like Compass can provide multiple sales opportunities across an array of companies

* Partnerships along value chains are developed, and how to think about positioning products/services to different entities along the entire value chain

* Tips on how to find multiple contacts within the same company, and how to reposition your value proposition to that audience


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