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Coping w/COVID: Back to the office?
As the coronavirus pandemic forced statewide shutdowns in March, most Central Iowa professional organizations quickly shifted to virtual operations — many within just a few working days. The transition back into the office space will likely be much more gradual, though just as fraught with uncertainty.

With the return to the workplace, businesses will undoubtedly find that a host of new human resource, legal and communication questions are bound to arise. Our expert panel will help digest best practices and considerations as your business makes important decisions about reopening.

While no one has definitive answers, we know that the panelists’ discussion and advice will help address some of the questions your organization needs to ask, and perhaps provide a glimpse at best practices at some of Greater Des Moines’ leading companies.

We’ll discuss questions such as:
What data sources are you finding to be the most useful as you plan a reopening strategy, and how do you most effectively use them?
How should you involve your employees in the decision process of who returns to work and who continues to work remotely?
What are some of the key legal considerations and pitfalls to avoid in planning for your post-COVID staffing?
What are the long-term ramifications for the workspace culture? How will collaborative workspaces, shared offices and other workplace trends evolve?
How will our use of technology in the office have to change?
What are some of the best strategies for effective hiring, onboarding and training going forward?
What are your best practices for employee communication now?

Kelsey Knowles - Attorney, Belin McCormick
Beth Nigut - Chief people officer, EMC Insurance Companies
Jim Green - Principal, Mercer
Drew McLellan - Owner, McLellan Marketing Group


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