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Shilpa Dave Health Webinar Series 2022 - Lean not thin - how to approach weight management with Dr Shilpa and Christine Bailey
Welcome to the 2022 webinar series by Shilpa Dave Health We will discuss current healthcare issues and developments and how we can help you restore, improve and manage important aspects of your health such as your gut health, energy and well-being. This first webinar for 2022 addresses weight loss, together with our Functional Nutritional Coach Christine Bailey Dr Shilpa will discuss how we measure body composition and what it means and how we use it to track changes in body composition. Christine will discuss how to approach weight management from a body composition perspective and we will show you why simple weight measurements do not give you the whole picture of your health. We will show you how we use the latest body composition analysis in our health screening to track your results and health goals

With a Q&A style, we hope to engage our existing and future practice members and discuss key topics chosen by them. Webinars offer a secure and safe environment to post questions and have them answered live. All attendees are anonymous to each other and we will never mention attendees by name. We hope that stimulating discussion and meeting the expert team behind the practice will help you get to know your Private GP Team more and keep you motivated to stay well. Please register below. This webinar will be available on demand after the live stream so click on the link to register at any time.


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