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Understand, Predict, and Optimize Real-World Designs with Multiphysics Simulation
In the past, only one type of physics could be considered at one time and the models were coarse. As computer hardware became faster and the simulation software more capable, more detailed models could be used. However, these details models continued to lack the ability to study the interaction between different types of physics. For this reason, we advocate the use of multi-disciplinary technologies to provide engineers, at every stage of the product cycle, a clear picture of the interactions that define the overall product behavior. No matter how small, each part and process in the chain must be considered when creating robust, accurate, and reliable simulation models. Join our webinar on to learn how this multi-disciplinary approach can help your design process.


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Brant Ross, Ph.D., P.E.
CTO @EnginSoft USA
Dr. Brant Ross has a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. He worked for 8 years as an engineer at John Deere and General Motors, 9 years with Mechanical Dynamics (ADAMS multibody dynamics software), 3 years with FunctionBay, and 16 years with MotionPort (as founder, owner, president). For the past 2 years Dr. Ross has been the Chief Solutions Officer at EnginSoft USA, who acquired MotionPort, helping provide RecurDyn multibody dynamics software, Particleworks CFD software and related services to organizations across the USA.