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Use Of Adiabatic Calorimetry In Battery Safety
The webinar will describe the use of adiabatic calorimetry techniques that can be used to carry out safety testing of batteries. The theoretical background of the ARC (Accelerating Rate Calorimeter) test method will be described and recommended practice for various types of testing will be discussed. Batteries are be studied under either normal or abuse conditions. This information can be used to aid design of battery management/safety systems. As well as thermal data, pressure measurement and gas analysis are also available.

This webinar will focus on the following key topics:
• Principle of adiabatic calorimetry
• Advantages and limitations of the method
• Determining the stability and safety of batteries
• Electrical abuse in the form of short circuit, over-charge or over-discharge.
• Mechanical abuse by nail penetration or crushing.
• Thermal abuse via Heat-Wait-Seek (HWS), ramp heating or hotbox.
• Determining battery efficiency and thermal management


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