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The Quest for Survey Respondent Engagement – How do we get there?
Greater respondent engagement has long been a quest for market research. The evolution of respondent behavior, enabled by newly emerged technology, continues to challenge us to do better, to raise our game. Keith Phillips, Director of Research Science in the Dynata Global Centre of Excellence for Research and Data Science, will share what top Marketing Research organizations should be doing to promote “member/respondent centricity” thinking and encourage better respondent engagement from all players in the ecosystem.

Join this webinar to find out how to improve the survey experience across your projects.
This webinar is designed for market research agencies, insights teams from corporates and brands. Keith will share key takeaways, including:

• The three areas of respondent impact that benefit the overall research ecosystem
• The eight variables that positively influence respondent engagement
• A measurement system to understand and cultivate an optimal survey experience on a consistent basis


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