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Workforce Part 3 -- Diversity in Hiring: Practical case studies by non-profits and organizations
This is webinar #3 of a 4-part webinar series entitled "A Clean Energy Workforce that Represents Everyone"

This 60-minute webinar will discuss ideas in how to build a diverse clean energy ecosystem and workforce. This session will discuss the importance of mentoring and championing girls, women, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in energy fields through education, internships, job and career pathways. Experts will share different ways businesses can both support and tap into programs to recruit their future workforce. Example programs that are targeting underrepresented communities include the ‘She’s in Power’ initiative, Grid Alternatives, Solar Energy International, and other organizations. Attendees will come away with ideas they can explore for the future including organizations they can contact. To read bios: https://cercsymposium.org/workforce-part-3-diversity-in-hiring-practical-case-studies-by-non-profits-and-organizations/

Moderator: Rickey Frierson, Director of Diversity for the College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University

• Wanda Lee-Stevens, Talent and Acquisition Director, GRID Alternatives
• Kathy Swartz, Executive Director, Solar Energy International (SEI)
• Maury Dobbie, Executive Director, Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory

For more info and bios: https://cercsymposium.org/workforce-part-3-diversity-in-hiring-practical-case-studies-by-non-profits-and-organizations/

4-part webinar series "A Clean Energy Workforce that Represents Everyone" is co-hosted by three organizations including 1) Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory (An energy research partnership since 2007 between Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, and National Renewable Energy Lab), 2) Colorado Solar & Storage Assoc (COSSA) 3) Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) 4) Holy Cross Energy


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