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Companies Making Big Impacts in Computational Chemistry and Approaches
20/15 Visioneers will be presenting 4 Computational Chemistry Oriented companies that are making big impacts in Drug Discovery! In the marketplace today, Discngine (www.discngine.com), Nanome (www.nanome), OpenEye Scientific Software (www.openeye.inc), and XtalPi (www.xtalpi.com) The format will be a brief overview from John F. Conway and then each company will spend 20 minutes presenting their platform overview. We will then go into Q&A mode with the vendor-partners and industry panelists. This innovative approach will allow an introduction to companies you may not be familiar with, and provide you with a very good understanding of their offerings! The types of criteria that we looked for when assembling this list were platform approach, scientific innovation and domain coverage (ISDMTAR), configurability, data management, FAIR compliance, and intuitiveness/usability. Background talk by 20/15 Visioneers, 20 Minute presentations, and then Q&A with industry panelists and Partner-Vendors!


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