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FREE WEBINAR: Reissue of APES 320 as a quality management standard specific to non-assurance services provided by Firms
APES 320 Quality Management for Firms that provide Non-Assurance Services was issued on 22 February 2022 and replaces extant APES 320 Quality Control for Firms from 1 January 2023.

New Quality Management Standard ASQM 1, issued by the AUASB in March 2021, will become applicable for Australian assurance practices from mid-December 2022. Resulting from this development, APESB reconsidered the role of APES 320 and reissued the standard to be specific for firms that provide non-assurance services.

While the reissued APES 320 maintains a significant proportion of the material from the extant APES 320 to minimise disruption to firms, the changes also ensure high-level alignment with ASQM 1 to assist ‘hybrid’ firms (ones that provide assurance and non-assurance services). The reissued APES 320 has also been simplified by removing assurance-based requirements and terminology.

The webinar will cover:
- The background to the reissue of APES 320 and the AUASB’s new ASQM 1;
- An outline of key revisions to APES 320, including considerations for SMPs;
- The types of services covered by APES 320 and ASQM 1; and
- Planning considerations for ‘hybrid’ firms that provide assurance and non-assurance services.


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Channa Wijesinghe
Chief Executive Officer @APESB
Mr Channa Wijesinghe is the Chief Executive Officer of the APESB and a current Board Member of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA). Channa joined the APESB in January 2007 and has overseen the issue of APESB’s suite of 21 pronouncements for the Australian accounting profession. Before joining the APESB, Channa worked in audit and corporate finance with EY and Deloitte for a decade. He also spent several years in commercial roles at energy companies, including two years with AGL Energy and was a member of the AGL IFRS project team.
Matthew Zappulla
Technical Director @AUASB
As AUASB Technical Director, Matthew leads the AUASB Technical team responsible for the development and delivery of Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards and other AUASB publications. With the AUASB Chair, Matthew is actively involved in managing and developing relationships with significant Australian and International stakeholders from the accounting, business, investment, regulatory and standard-setting communities.
Jon Reid
Senior Technical Manager @APESB
Mr Jon Reid joined the APESB in February 2019 and is involved in the standard-setting and operational activities of the APESB. Jon has a decade of public practice experience, primarily in Business Services and Insolvency Services. He has also worked with ASIC for over six years in various roles, including a Senior Financial Investigator. In 2012, Jon was appointed as a Director at the Australia Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) when the Commission was first established. His responsibilities at ACNC included annual charity reporting requirements.