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The Educated Sales Rep - Equity 101: The Basics of Stock in Your Comp Plan
Everyone wants STOCK IN THE COMPANY, right? Joining a company where you’re offered equity as part of your compensation plan is exciting! Finding those opportunities is becoming easier as more start-ups come to life in the dental industry. But what will your equity options really be worth and WHEN? What is a strike price? Liquidation event? Knowing even the basics will help you navigate the risk of accepting equity in place of cash up front in compensation.

Join us on July 26th for the next installment of the Educated Sales Rep, a new webinar series presented by Paige Mead designed to add tools to your sales career tool box, make you smarter in a hiring process and enable you to make your best career decisions confidently.

Paige brings VC fund Manager, Jeremy Krell, DMD, MBA, to an Equity 101 discussion where you’ll learn:

Basic Equity & Profit Sharing terminology; AND
5 questions you SHOULD ask the company about their stock offering during the interview process;

All webinars in The Educated Sales Rep series will be available live and by recording. All recordings will be available at paigemeadrecruiting.com.


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