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Optimize your Product Design
Simulation is a key piece of the product development process but part of a larger puzzle. Making the best use of all available human and compute resources requires a digital pipeline to contextualize information as it moves through an organization. Optimization tools such as Iliad fill this role by providing a platform to connect different software tools and data sources while visualizing their connections. Once a process is defined it can be automated in a variety of ways, from simple DOE testing to completely hands off optimized designs.

Join us to learn how OmniQuest’s Iliad can help your business.


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James Crist
Senior Application Engineer @EnginSoft USA
James Crist is a Senior Application Engineer with EnginSoft USA supporting RecurDyn customers as well as leading the CRIX development team. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he focused on numerical methods and simulation.
Dr. Shubhamkar Kulkarni
Iliad product lead @OmniQuest
Dr. Kulkarni is currently the Iliad product lead at OmniQuest. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and his areas of expertise include applied numerical optimization, computer aided engineering tools and machine learning.