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Take Your Market Farm Online: The Benefits of Farm E-Commerce
We all want to increase efficiency, increase profits, and save time on the farm. But, beyond all that, finding the right work-life balance for you can be revolutionary.

Take Teri from Brown Sugar Produce. She used to attend markets to sell their products in addition to running a CSA. But, as her daughter grew from infant to toddler to young child, harvesting all day from 6 AM to 10 PM wasn’t feasible anymore. Greater flexibility became more important.

So, they decided to give farm e-commerce a go. They found that by sending their CSA members a link to their online store where they could browse more of their products and easily add them to their order, they could make an additional $500 to 800 a week and skip the market altogether!!

Or Jesse from Milky Way Farm. Like many farmers, he dreaded the market day. Days were incredibly long. He would wake up at 3 AM to get the truck packed and come home and crash at 8 PM. Sundays were spent recovering from the market day. He felt he missed valuable family time with his partner and young sons. Since switching to online ordering ONLY, Jesse’s weekends look much different.

What could online sales do for your business and your quality of life?

Join us on October 22nd at 6 PM NZDT/4 PM AEST for a session to learn more about farm e-commerce.

We’ll go over the following:
- The value of different sales models such as CSAs, wholesale, and farmgate retail
- How a good online tool helps you increase your farm’s market reach
- And dive deep into Local Line, the leading e-commerce platform for farms, food hubs and markets, and how it helps you manage inventory, orders, customers and distribution

Be sure to bring questions, as we will have a live Q and A session!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it. All registrants will be sent a recording!


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