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The Reinvention of Distributor Sales & Service: Integrating Field Sales, Telephone-Based Sales and Customer Service
Distributors need dedicated account managers to reach out to customers over the phone, not just a customer service department to answer the phone when a customer calls.
Join us for the second of three webinars on the Reinvention of Distributor Sales and Service to learn the value of and process for creating a team of professional account managers who work proactively over the phone. In this webinar, you’ll hear the compelling economic case for an integrated sales model, including:
• How an integrated sales model improves distributor lifecycle performance
• The typical obstacles preventing a distributor from adopting an integrated sales model
• Segmenting and grading customers
• How an integrated sales model improves your market and customer coverage
• Adjusting your coverage plan based upon customer worth
• The importance of account and territory planning
This webinar is part of a three-part series, in which we are guiding distributors to build a stronger sales function and align it more tightly with a more focused customer service capability. The result: a better return on their investments in these crucial roles.


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