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Warranty Metrics - Data Drives Change
In this one hour session Carol Smith will cover Warranty Metrics.

Wise builders make use of accurate reports & feedback to improve customer satisfaction & assure their company’s future success. Selecting appropriate report topics and implementing routine review of the resulting data are essential for maximizing these benefits. Candid discussions & analysis of underlying causes can lead to significant improvements in both product and company practices. Follow through to implement needed changes & confirm they worked as expected ensures continued growth of the company and enhances opportunities for motivated professionals.

Learning Objectives

1. Describe the benefits available from well-executed reports.

2. Establish reports to stay informed regarding the core elements of quality & customer service.

3. Give examples of supplemental reports relevant to monitoring support practices.

4. Explain how to select & eliminate recurring items by tracing them back to their root cause(s).

5. Create an early warning system that alerts you to new, developing issues.

6. Track the lead measures that influence home buyers’ expectations of quality & warranty service.


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