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Turning Crisis Into Opportunity ft. Ed-tech Leaders - Hosted by Shortlist
“Don’t waste a crisis,” or so the saying goes. Behind every crisis lies an opportunity, and perhaps the best example of this is the phenomenal growth India’s ed-tech companies have created in 2020.

Want to learn about what went on behind the scenes?

Shortlist is excited to host a conversation with leaders in the ed-tech space - a founder, a head of product, and an investor - who have led their organizations through this crisis and have tons of leadership lessons to share.
We promise to keep the conversation casual and fun, but also give you unparalleled insight into how these fantastic speakers have turned this difficult time into one of growth for their companies.

- Shweta Doshi: Co-Founder, GreyAtom
- Sarvesh Kanodia: Principal, Omidyar Network India
- Rohit Dhar: Head of Product, upGrad


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