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Coping with COVID: Labor Market Outlook
In just a matter of weeks, Iowa’s employment landscape has been turned upside down, from a historic low percentage of Iowans unemployed to historic highs.

In this flipped landscape, panelists in the Business Record’s Coping w/COVID webcast series will provide the outlook for employment in Iowa, strategies companies are taking to retain employees and attract new ones, and programs and initiatives that are in the works to handle the sudden surge of unemployed in our region.

One thing’s for sure, we’re all playing in an employment landscape that has dramatically changed, and our panelists, all professionals from a broad array of backgrounds, will also answer questions from you, our readers, during the live webcast.

Among the questions we plan to tackle:

- What are the long-term effects of COVID-19 on Iowa’s labor market?
- How are companies recruiting in this new environment?
- Is Iowa positioned to retrain the large numbers of unemployed whose skills are limited?
- Will Iowa employers be able to retain their workforce after the crisis passes?
- How will salaries be affected by COVID-19?
- What should the community be doing to help or improve the labor market?

Beth Townsend - Executive Director, Iowa Workforce Development
Dave Swenson - Economist, Iowa State University
David Leto - President, Palmer Group
Kathy Joblinske - Market Principal/EVP, ManpowerGroup
Lori McCarty - Chief Strategy Officer, Holmes Murphy & Associates


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