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LEADING THROUGH UNCHARTED WATERS: Adapting to Change in this New Digital Environment” (Fireside Chat)
A Fireside Chat:
Adapting to Change in this digital environment

How are you managing the challenges of balancing the mental & emotional well-being of yourself, your family, employees, business, and customers during this virtual environment created by this COVID-19 pandemic.

We are all being required to lead during these unprecedented times. The way we lead our businesses today and tomorrow will forever be changed. This new reality has presented a series of challenges we are faced to deal with head-on. Not only are our families, friends and loved ones impacted, but also our businesses.

One of the major questions we must ask ourselves is, what does it mean to be a leader during these virtual times and how do we adjust in a way that has the least negative impact on our family, friends, loved ones and employees?

Many of us are not just working from home. “We are at home (or at our dealerships) during a crisis, trying to get work done.” Discovering how to balance being efficient while managing the challenges of an economic and public health crisis? How do you hold difficult conversations when many employees are overwhelmed with keeping their family safe and providing for their families? These are important questions for effective leaders to think about.

We invite you to attend this “Fireside Chat” with co-hosts Damon Lester, President NAMAD and Dr. Steven Jones, CEO JONES, a leadership, diversity, and organizational change consulting firm. During this webinar, we will be discussing tips and promising practices for managing the challenges of leadership and personal responsibility through these uncharted waters.


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