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TechCast Days: Spatial & Location Intelligence Day (4 sessions)
Like the Force, location is everywhere. Location analytics and maps are powerful tools that Jedis can unlock from data - to deliver insights and save the galaxy. Join our hosts and Jedi Masters, Hans Viehmann and Wayne Van Sluys, to see how to harness these features already available in your Oracle Database and Oracle Analytics. Hear how developers built a mapping app for the citizens of Finland to track and avoid Covid exposure, how to use Spatial Studio maps with Oracle Analytics Cloud to profile customers by region for a targeted delivery service, and how Netherlands agencies perform vital transportation and safety assessments using 3D spatial analysis on drone imagery and underwater scans.

Session 1:
10:00am ET | Tracking Covid-19 Exposures in Finland with Oracle Database Spatial and Oracle Maps Cloud Service (Heli Helskyaho)

Session 2:
10:50am ET | Oracle Spatial Studio and Oracle Analytics (Mark Daynes)

Session 3:
11:35am ET | What's New in Oracle Spatial Studio 20.1 (Carol Palmer & LJ Qian)

Session 4:
12:20pm ET | How Netherlands Agencies Perform Vital Transportation and Safety Assessments Using 3D Spatial Analysis on Drone Imagery and Underwater Scans (Martijn Dijkstra)


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