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Thriving Through Disruption
Distributors face a growing number of competitors with great digital capabilities – retailers entering B2B, venture-based startups, and traditional players investing in powerful websites. However, most distributors earn a small portion of their revenue from websites, and many believe their investments in digital have shown a poor return.

Join Ian Heller from Distribution Strategy Group for a free webinar on Feb. 9 at 9 PT/12 ET to learn:

• How marketplaces and other disruptors compete with distributors – their strengths and vulnerabilities
• How to estimate your company’s vulnerability to alternate channels, including retailers, pure digital distributors, manufacturers selling directly to end customers and B2B marketplaces
• How to build moats around your business to create effective, sustainable differentiation

Distribution Strategy Group provides insight to leading distributors, associations, manufacturers and investors. Watch this webinar to learn what we’re teaching thought leaders across the industry about disruption.


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