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How to Gain Insight into ALL of your Information
How can you eliminate the effort required to find scattered and siloed information? This used to be a massive barrier to enterprise content management rollout, and now with modern graph technology, massive scalable search, and AI, it is nearly trivial. 

Most organizations understand the problems created by overflowing and incompatible information silos, and they recognize the need to do something about it. Whether it’s finding the right information an employee needs when onboarding to a new role or ensuring that another employee’s work artifacts are captured for future use – retaining, maintaining, and accessing this organizational knowledge can be a key strategic differentiator. 70% of AIIM members agree. 

Join us on June 16 as we show you how to reach compliance and business objectives by taking a data-centric approach. We’ll explain how to leverage known data models that automate the process of finding and classifying large swaths of data. After all, applications come and go, but data is the enduring and empowering asset.
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