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Budgeting Better - How Your Board Can Take Control of Expenses & Improve the Bottom Line
Most co-op and condo board members are volunteers - and while some may have experience managing hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in assets and liabilities, the majority are new to budgeting, allocating, and auditing the finances of a whole building community that they too call home. Understanding the fundamentals of drafting an annual budget and longer-term financial strategy for one's condo or co-op is hugely helpful - not just for keeping the community solvent, but for preserving property values and avoiding even the suggestion of mismanagement. Join us for a practical, real-world conversation on basic budgeting, identifying and reducing wasteful spending, prioritizing expenses, and other markers of financial good health that you can immediately apply to your own building's books.

Sponsored by: Czarnowski & Beer LLP


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Avi Zanjirian
Partner @Czarnowski & Beer LLP
Avi Zanjirian builds and secures clientele for Czarnowski & Beer. He has brought technology and operational efficiencies to C&B that allow the firm to focus on the “big picture” audit.