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Ped 101 - Integrating Pedestrian Safety and Comfort into Every Streetscape - 1.0 PDH
Walkability is today’s byword for street design in urban, suburban and rural settings. WalkBoston helps make that happen across Massachusetts. We are a pedestrian advocacy non-profit working with community residents, local organizations, municipal and state staff, and consulting design teams to ensure that walking safety and comfort are truly built into their projects. Ped 101 is our tried and tested tool to engage and educate people about what goes into the design of walkable places. You will never walk around again without noticing how traffic signals, walking surfaces, curb cuts and street furnishings affect your walking experience.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the critical role of street design in creating streets that are safe for people who are walking.
2. Understand how street furnishings like benches, trees and wayfinding can allow people to stay physically active as they age in their communities.
3. Learn about the critical role that vehicle speed plays in urban, suburban and rural walkability.


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