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Digital Marketing Transformation 2020: What Have We Learned and What’s Next?
As the investor journey and servicing move almost entirely to digital, there has been a huge leap over the generation-gap of digital reluctance to digital adoption. But what have we learned so far and what’s next when it comes to the acceleration of digital transformation?

Join Andrew Scott, Managing Director of White Marble Marketing and Paul Das, Managing Director of ProFundCom on the 24th July when they will sharing stats and insights on the real impact the pandemic has had on financial services digital marketing teams.

Amongst other topics, they will be discussing:

• The recent past, present and potential future of financial services digital marketing
• What digital channels and touchpoints should you be focusing on?
• How to deliver brand experiences that are user-centric and rich in functionality
• Embracing tools that empower marketers and sales teams
• What skills do marketers need to skill-up on?
• Alignment of sales and marketing teams and why it’s so important

The webinar will be held on 24 July at 2 pm BST. To attend the webinar please register here. If you are unable to attend, please still register to receive the webinar replay.


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