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OpenBench: A Results-Driven Paradigm in Structurally-Enabled Hit Discovery
For decades discovery organizations have paid for technology without the guarantee of tangible results. OpenBench is turning this business model on its head––with OpenBench you can screen billions of compounds and only pay for experimentally validated hits.

OpenBench combines virtual screening techniques with powerful parallel synthesis and blazingly efficient machine learning-enabled chemical space search to enable an unprecedented value proposition in small molecule hit discovery. Unlike conventional hit ID approaches that incur hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in upfront costs without the sure promise of success, with OpenBench, you bear no cost risk in hit discovery. By covering the full, actual cost of virtual screening, putative hit synthesis,
and confirmatory assaying, OpenBench ensures that you only pay for results: a novel, potent hits that meet your developability criteria.

To learn more about how you can enrich your
preclinical discovery efforts with results-driven hit discovery, join OpenBench CSO Lewis Martin, Ph.D., and OpenBench CTO James Yoder
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