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Next-Gen Automated charting and reporting for MR/CI/CX
For many, automated charting is becoming the norm. But there’s somewhat “automated”, and then there’s FULLY automated reporting. In this webinar we will explore the differences between paying lip-service to auto-charting versus leveraging automation to generate completely client-ready deliverables, even to the point of conditionally generated analysis commentary. We will also see how automated charting is now moving on from just PowerPoint, Word, Excel & PDF and into the world of Google Slides and Sheets, and from desktops to fully Cloud-based automation.

Key Takeaways Include:

- The difference between an automatically generated chart and a fully loaded deliverable.
- How automated reporting can be used on many project types, including ad-hoc and multiple outputs including Google.
- Leveraging automated charting to include fully editable outputs via API from Dashboard platforms such as PowerBI & Tableau.

Speaker: Benjamin Rietti is the CEO of E-Tabs. His innovative approach has seen the company provide reporting services and solutions to the MR industry for over 25 years. With over two decades of industry knowledge, Benjamin is a talented entrepreneur who recognizes the integral role technology plays in market research. A doting family man, he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, and has a passion for skiing.


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