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Imaging and the Incredible Impact on Science
Imaging is one of the most exciting and fast-evolving fields in science today. These diverse companies are making a huge impact across the drug discovery continuum.
In the cellular space, “seeing is believing” started with the advent of fluorescent proteins and now genetic markers and microscopy technology have enabled a deeper understanding of cellular architectures. Techniques such as cell painting and high-content screening are making huge impacts. What is more amazing than visualizing diverse proteins interacting to trigger signaling cascades? Incredibly advanced yet user-friendly microscopes provide a whole new perspective (no pun intended!) into wound healing, cytotoxicity, cell cycle, and cell death, among many other cellular processes. The combination of microscopy and other techniques, including AI/ML approaches, opens new avenues of research to characterize novel mechanisms and drugs in all kinds of primary cell types and cell lines.
In the clinical arena, radiological and pathological imaging have seen an explosion of novel tools that offer diagnostic, prognostic, predictive, and monitoring insights. While imaging has been used for decades in clinical trials, its interpretation was historically limited by arbitrary criteria like RECIST. Now, scientists have the capability to capitalize on the full breadth of pixel data and automatically derive quantitative, reproducible measures using deep learning and computer vision. Imagine being able to give researchers twice as accurate a measure of treatment effect, or arming a clinician with actionable insights that let them personalize treatment for the patient in front of them!
This webinar will feature four companies that are disrupting the way we look at our cells and anatomy with innovative technologies and solutions. Learn how Altis Labs, Confocal.nl, KML Vision, and Perkin Elmer are advancing our understanding of biological processes to accelerate therapeutic development!


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