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Trends & Tips for Hybrid Fitness Businesses
Working with partners across the country means the Exer team has seen all kinds of virtual fitness offerings, at every budget level, and will use this webinar to outline ideas that will help you thrive in today’s new normal. The future is hybrid - in-person and remote - so it’s important that business owners craft a virtual offering that will set them apart from the competition. Join Exer Co-Founder Clint Gehde (a performance coach and studio group owner for 20 years) and his team as they discuss trends they’re seeing across the industry and share specific tricks and tools for taking a virtual workout experience to the next level.

Learning Objectives for this webinar:
1. Discuss high-level trends in the post-COVID fitness industry, especially as they relate to virtual offerings
2. Underline the importance of and opportunities surrounding having an upgraded virtual fitness offering
3. Outline various approaches to making virtual fitness offerings stand out against the competition, for individual trainers and studio owners alike
4. Highlight the role technology plays in the modern fitness business, and how to leverage software to improve the consumer experience

> Matt Wright: MS, EP-C, Partner at The Fort Athletic Club in Oceanport, NJ
> Clint Gehde: Co-Founder and Head Coach of Exer
> Zaw Thet: CEO and Co-Founder of Exer
> Derek Shanahan: VP of Growth for Exer


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