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A New Sales Model for Distributors: How to Implement, Manage and Measure It
Part 3 in the Reinvention of Distributor Sales and Service series
As digital channels grow in importance to the buyer, Customer Service Reps will do less order entry and other repeat tasks. That opens a big opportunity for CSRs to add more value, including providing technical support and supporting customer operations.
Join us for the third part of our Reinvention of Distributor Sales and Service series to learn best practices in implementing a new model for engaging with your customers, including:
• How technology supports an integrated sales model
• Key performance metrics for an integrated sales model
• Blending customer service and marketing contacts
• Key elements of implementation
• Selecting integrated sales team members
• An account planning roadmap
The sales function is extremely important for many distributors – and will remain so. This three-part series of webinars and research reports guides distributors on how they can build a stronger sales function, align it tightly with a more focused customer service capability and get a better return on their investments in these crucial roles.


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