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Exploring the Three Key Characteristics of Adhesive and Sealant Used to Construct More Robust Battery Packs
• This webinar will be looking at the three key characteristics, Safety, Performance, and Manufacturability, of adhesives and sealants used to construct battery packs
• Going through each step of construction, this will be a review the different applications for adhesives and sealants in a battery pack. For each of these applications, it will be expressed how those materials need to be engineered with those 3 key characteristics in mind.
• Key Safety concerns to be addressed include Cell to Cell Thermal Propagation, Electrical Arcing, and Water and moisture ingress.
• Key Performance attributes include Heat Transfer, NVH Performance, and Light Weighting.
• Key Manufacturability considerations for these materials will include cycle time, manufacturing cost, and ease of implementation/application.
• These features and many more will be evaluated and addressed in this upcoming webinar. See you all there!


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Michael Owens
Business Development Manager EV/OEM @HB Fuller
5+ years with H.B. Fuller with the last 2 years spent working in the EV and Battery industry. He has experience working in business development, project management, and operations. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Prior to H.B. Fuller, he worked in specialty chemical additives such as surfactants and lubricants.
Germaine Mariaselvaraj
Applications Specialist @H.B. Fuller
Germaine has been in the adhesives and sealants industry for 5+ years with experience in several market segments and product technologies. Her focus has been the EV and Battery industry for more than a year as an Applications Engineer, working to validate and implement H.B. Fuller’s solutions at customers. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University.