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Turning social impact into a sales advantage: A webinar featuring Fleur Heyns, CEO at Proof of Impact
Social enterprises will leave with:
* Ideas how to best measure and report on impact in a way that will support sales
* Recommendations on how to best understand which metrics they need to track and report on, and how to use customer validation/discovery processes to understand these
* Suggestions on how to share impact data during the sales process
* Practical tips on what they can do next to incorporate impact metrics into their sales processes with B2B buyers.

Proof of Impact is a technology company that enables the real time collection, measurement, verification and analysis of impact data. We do this by integrating into companies existing operating systems in a bottoms up approach to collect impact data, verify its accuracy through 3rd party checks, then report that back on a visual dashboard to demonstrate a live picture of the impact you have set out to achieve.


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