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Hot TechTakes: Microsoft Teams — Go Beyond Virtual Meetings With These Five Surprising Features
When you hear someone mention Microsoft Teams, the first thing that pops into your head is probably online meetings, right? And sure, that's a great feature (and thankfully it's improved from the early days of the pandemic).

But Teams can do so much more than just meetings! For example, did you know you can also have private conversations, save team files, and connect by phone?

If you want to level up your Teams expertise, join us on May 18 for a webinar where we'll take you through some of the top Teams features that will help you maximize this new hybrid working environment.

Who should attend:
- Managers
- Team leaders
- Team members

Webinar hosts:
- Brendan Howe, Techify CEO and owner
- Jermaine Clark, VP of Operations for Techify


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