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A Stitch in Time: The Power of a Data Quality Fabric
Quality is as quality does! In the data world, quality has been a long-sought, oft-elusive goal. That’s partly because of garbage in, but also because of faulty or fragile data quality processes. How many times has bad data overwritten good? And how frustrating can it be to fix the same problems time and again?!

All that's changing now, as companies realize that the new concept of Data Fabric not only requires data quality to be integrated into your data management, but also provides recommendations on how to achieve that goal. The concept of "data quality fabric" weaves cleansing and standardization into architecture, thus enforcing quality rules without burdening end users with the responsibility of thinking about it. Be it just in time processing, batch or streaming, the data quality process is transparent for the data consumer. This approach not only solves the long-standing challenge of quality initiatives, it also clears the deck for all those data engineers and other practitioners, who can now focus on business transformation.

Register for this special episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh, and data quality veteran Malcolm Chisholm, as they explain the fast-changing dynamics in the data world. They’ll be joined by Marek Ovcacek, VP of Platform Strategy at Ataccama, who will profile his company’s solution for self-driving data management, and how it can help companies deploy a robust data quality fabric.


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