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Too Many Vulnerability Reports? Not Enough Real Vulnerabilities?
Join K2 Cyber Security for a 45 minute webinar on the topic of "Too Many Vulnerability Reports? Not Enough Real Vulnerabilities?" If you're getting too many reports of vulnerabilities from your SAST and DAST testing, but not enough real vulnerabilities, you need to watch this webinar. You'll learn how you can improve the results of your security penetration and vulnerability testing on your web applications and application workloads during pre-production, so you can get real vulnerabilities, validated with a proof of exploitability, giving your developers valid vulnerabilities to target and remediate.

The webinar will cover:
* The current state of application security,
* The new recommendations around application security from NIST,
* Finding real vulnerabilities and added vulnerability telemetry from K2 Cyber Security
* Getting IAST results from existing DAST testing.
* Integration with leading pen testing and DAST testing tools

Your host is Timothy Chiu, VP of Marketing at K2 Cyber Security and former product marketing executive at Symantec and Blue Coat Systems.

Please join us for the webinar on April 28, 2021, Wednesday, at 9:00AM PST / Noon EST.

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