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NAVIGATING DIGITAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT: The Catalyst for Effective Digital Transformation
The Covid-19 events have dramatically accelerated the urgency for digital transformation by organizations across a wide variety of sectors. However, contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is as much about the Management of culture change as it is the technology.

Change management cannot be a conversation that commences when a team decides to go-live—it must be a core strategy from Day One—ideation. The Webinar will explore the importance of change management in the life of a successful digital transformation project.

How do we navigate the change?

Attendees for this Webinar will understand and learn:

1. How to increase the reach of Organizational Change Management (OCM)
2. How to create a change management strategy
3. Tools and methodologies to measure and track project progress and deliver data insights to your teams and leaders
4. Provide insight on how to share and collaborate on planning with team members anywhere in the world
5. Best practices to manage and support employees during the change management process


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