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EFCG Webinar Series: Engaging Your Workforce in Times of Uncertainty
We look forward to connecting with you during our April EFCG Webinar Series!

Moderator: Julie Hasiba (EFCG Managing Partner)

Panelists: Michael O'Leary (Professor at Georgetown University), Loren Sokolow (EFCG Senior Advisor, Former CFO of Psomas), Joan Zofnass (Psychotherapist, EFCG Director of Conferences)

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 8th from 10:30am – 11:30am ET / 7:30am – 8:30am PT

In times of uncertainty, leaders and employees alike become vulnerable to the negative impacts posed on the workforce. There is often a sense of uneasiness in the workplace and, as we have seen with COVID-19, unexpected obstacles that set new precedents, rapidly change our norms, and challenge leadership in ways its rarely felt.

This webinar will discuss ways to foster a healthy working environment, answering critical questions including:

- How do we maintain our culture and stay connected?
- How do we establish effective leadership and communications?
- How do we support and motivate our teams?
- How do we foster the physical and mental health of our people?
- How do we invest in the right technology to support our new virtual workplace?

Subject matter experts will join us to share their perspectives and best practices for how to address these questions and embed solutions to support long-term resilience.

Questions? Please contact Vishal Menon at vmenon@efcg.com.


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