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Protecting Water Systems: Thwarting Insider Threats and Novel Attacks
From the Oldsmar water hack in February to cyber-attacks targeting the Bay Area water supply in June, water facilities in the US have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks this year. This is due to attacker innovation as well as evolutions in the cyber-ecosystems of critical infrastructure, including the increasing adoption of remote access and convergence of OT and IT.

Effective management of water—from wastewater management to water treatment—demands more than legacy approaches to security, such as patching vulnerabilities and historical threat intelligence. Self-Learning AI provides a solution that can thwart insiders and novel threats, alongside the full range of known attacks, at their earliest stages, before attackers can poison the well.

Join this event to discover:
• The dynamic threat landscape surrounding water facilities
• The challenges of securing critical infrastructure’s evolving cyber-ecosystems
• A real-life case study of Self-Learning AI defending a water facility


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