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Future of digital finance: Modern tools for Finance Leaders
Finance Leaders are entering a period of significant transformation for finance with new technologies readily available to help drive efficiencies and insights into business performance. They are facing increasing pressure to accelerate the digitization of the finance function.

During this event Howard Katzenberg (Founder and CEO of Glean), Graham Stanton (Co-founder of Avise), and Edgar Thomas (Co-founder and COO of Avise) will discuss their experiences with finance tools from their prior experiences as finance leaders.

What is behind the global financial technology revolution? Why are so many innovative fintech players from across all continents growing fast, what is their agenda, and what existing traditional financial institutions can learn from them?

We’ll also hear their insights on the development of modern finance tools that are less general purpose and more fit for purpose that are focused on specific financial functions.

We welcome all finance professionals to attend.

The webinar starts with the vision of our guests, who will talk about the following:

Who they are
What they do (Accounts payable, General ledger)
Their experiences with finance tools
Where they are heading

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