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How to Truly Integrate Learning into the Flow of Work
We’ve known for a long time that leadership skills are taught through experiential learning, but how to implement this at scale has been elusive. Susan Ashford, one of the most influential researchers of the past 30 years, has developed a way to make this type of learning something you can scale at any size organization.

Dubbed “a trailblazing researcher” by Adam Grant, Susan lays out an agile experimentation model to learning interpersonal and leadership skills in her new book, “The Power of Flexing.” Her research-based concept centers around learning in the flow of work by using reflection and experimentation.

Join a conversation with Susan Ashford and leading workplace futurist and Imperative cofounder, Aaron Hurst, where they’ll discuss how to truly integrate learning into the flow of work.

After this webinar, you’ll walk away with:

-Understanding of the dire need for agile learning and human skill development in the modern workplace
-Insight into how this agile model can be applied
-Actionable ways to apply this across teams and organizations


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