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Inflation and Rising Interest Rates – Doom or Boom for the Seniors Housing Industry?
In the current economic environment, increasing interest rates and inflation are impacting investment, development and financing in the seniors housing sector.

What impact, if any, will rising interest rates and inflation have on seniors housing valuation over the short and long term? Tune in to Seniors Housing Business’ May 12th valuation-themed webinar, the first in a series of three 2022 webinars examining the industry’s investment outlook.

Valuation & Information Group is sponsoring the webinar series. This first webinar, “Inflation and Rising Interest Rates – Doom or Boom for the Seniors Housing Industry?” is scheduled for Thursday, May 12, 2:00-3:00 pm EDT.

Topics to be discussed:
o How high will rates and inflation get before they slow down?
o How can seniors housing investors mitigate, or even take advantage of, this economic environment?
o What will the effect be on seniors housing valuations?
o Is it best to buy, sell or hold in this environment?

Confirmed speakers include Bill Pettit, President, R.D. Merrill Company; Steve Kennedy, Executive Managing Director, VIUM Capital; Michael Feinstein, Managing Director, Focus Healthcare Partners; Adam Heavenrich, Heavenrich & Company; and the moderator, JP LoMonaco, President, Valuation & Information Group.

This complimentary webinar is sponsored by Valuation & Information Group, a recognized leader in valuation and financial consulting, servicing clients nationally. Visit the firm’s website at valinfo.com.

France Media's Seniors Housing Business magazine is hosting the panel discussion.


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