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Blockchain Technology: Tracing Plastics In The Value Chain


Oct 27, 2021 01:43 PM

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John Fox
Innovation Manager @Covestro
John is a designer and innovator at heart. Since 1996, he has worked in the IT business with positions ranging from “solution architect” to “interactive director” to “user-experience designer”. His broad skillset facilitates communication and understanding between various stakeholders in order to design, build and implement innovative solutions - his current involvement with Covestro’s Circular Economy efforts is no different. At Covestro he manages the development of their digital material tracing capabilities. John sees digital material tracing as a foundational, enabling technology not only for Covestro, but for industry as a whole.
Mesbah Sabur
Founder @Circularise
Mesbah Sabur learned the value of hard work as an Afghan refugee in the Netherlands. He recalls the frequent advice offered by his father during the time they lived in refugee camps: "Remember that you need to earn everything you are doing." That can-do philosophy — and his belief that it’s tough to solve big problems from inside big companies — inspired the creation four years ago of his start-up Circularise. The digital technology startup is using blockchain to create an open-source platform for sharing data across supply chains. The ambition is to improve transparency so that companies can move toward more circular production processes, starting with the plastics sector.