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Safer, Cooler, Faster, And Farther – Adhesives For Thermal Solutions In EV Battery Packs
Higher energy density batteries and ultra-fast charging create multiple challenges in safety and thermal management. This webinar invites you to dEVelop with DuPont to learn more about how collaboration resulted in innovative solutions for:

• Thermal interface materials that keep cells at preferred temperatures during both charging and operation
• Thermally conductive adhesives that help enable faster charging while providing higher strength in pouch cell and cell-to-pack designs
• Tailor-designed high strength, high elastic, and breathable adhesives that hold and protect battery cells for their entire service life
• Structural and crash-durable adhesives for improved battery pack strength and durability

We look forward to talking about how DuPont adhesive solutions keep batteries safer, cooler, enable faster charging, and improve range "to help vehicles go farther."


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