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Health is Wealth: How your CPG brand can harness the new holistic health trend
Have you become more aware of your physical and mental health recently? Are you more ‘clued-up’ on what your body needs? If so, you’re not alone.

Holistic health has become a hot topic. But how are consumers actually engaging with this trend in their daily lives and what does this mean for your brand? We’ve captured thousands of in-the-moment usage and consumption occasions to find out.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about four of the key behavioral dimensions within the holistic health trend:

• The come-up of ‘clean’ consumption
• Where ‘less is more’ for consumers
• The growing shift to ‘me, not we’
• Why consumers are making more purposeful choices

Against this backdrop, you'll leave the session with actionable advice on how to:

1. Frame your CPG products to connect to these emerging habits and attitudes
2. Grow your market share in these consumption occasions
3. Pivot your short and long term strategy to meet these behavioral changes


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