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IA Town Hall: Reliable Forecasting in Uncertain Times
Does the high degree of economic uncertainty have you concerned about the business forecasts for your department, division, or company? You are not alone.

We aim to lessen that anxiety by providing more clarity on your sales pipeline

According to our presenter, the same best practices he's found to be most helpful in good times are what he recommends in more challenging times – it's just now more important than ever to remain vigilant in getting the truth in sales conversations.

This presentation will touch on both sides of the coin of a reliable forecast –ensuring you are getting the truth from prospects and then facilitating sharing that truth with leadership. Get some tips and tactics related to each, and gain resources to help implement these with your own team.
We'll also check in with a panel of industry leaders to get their perspective on forecasting in the insights industry at this time.

Tom Batchelder, Founder, Selling 180

We'll also check in with industry leaders...

- Jing Mertoglu, Global VP Insights and Analytics, Beam Suntory
- Sima Vasa, Infinity Squared Ventures & Oberon Securities
- Ash Wade, EVP, Revenue Operations, Schlesinger Group

...to get their perspectives on current forecasting challenges and address questions from the audience.


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