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How Evariste Technologies Leveraged Cloud Lab Automation-as-a-Service to Accelerate Cycle Times for Faster Drug Discovery
Conventional DMTA (Design, Make, Test & Analyze) cycles are plagued by manual workflows, inadequate scientist-to-scientist communication across labs, less-than-ideal data tracking, slow cycle times, and the capital expense of discovery programs. Strateos’ shortens DMTA cycle times by automating the design and synthesis of small molecules, in vitro cell based and biochemical assays, and analysis of results. This cloud automation platform enables scientists to work on multiple programs at the same time in parallel, greatly improving process efficiencies and shortening cycle times. Evariste Technologies was able to leverage the DMTA cycle with Strateos, specifically in the Design and Analysis phases, to produce candidate molecules. Evariste Technologies will discuss how their platform can expedite drug discovery by utilizing AI/ML, automated molecular design, modeling solutions, and Bayesian statistics.

Key Takeaways:
How Strateos’ unique cloud-accessible closed-loop system is demonstrating complete DMTA cycles in a handful of days, greatly outpacing the two to three weeks or longer timelines required by either conventional outsourcing methods or internal turn-around times

How process control,automation, monitoring, data capture and analysis was accomplished with via a single web interface
How AI/ML automated molecular design and custom modeling solutions create better candidate molecules faster than traditional drug discovery cycles

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