Limits to Growth +50: Global equity for a healthy planet - Anniversary Webinar Series Episode 1
The Limits to Growth + 50: Global equity for a healthy planet
Anniversary Webinar Series: Living within Limits

50 years ago the Club of Rome sounded the alarm.

The Limits to Growth – a report to The Club of Rome – was published on 2 March 1972. This report was the first to model our planet’s interconnected systems and make clear that if growth trends in population, industrialisation, resource use and pollution continued unchanged, we would reach and then overshoot the carrying capacity of the Earth at some point in the next one hundred years.

Unfortunately policymakers hit the snooze button, and now we are reaching the limit – crossing tipping points – and overloading our planet. Join original author Dennis Meadows, leading economist Jayati Ghosh, climate activist Luisa Neubauer, and eminent scientist Johan Rockstrom as they reflect on 50 years since the report’s publication and focus on how lessons from The Limits to Growth and systems knowledge can be applied to the current planetary emergency.

This event is the first in a series of webinars reflecting on the Limits to Growth and bringing forward solutions for change #knowyourlimits #overisover #LtG+50
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